It’s been a busy couple of weeks since FRACTURED launched, and so far, the response has been fantastic. There was a real buzz about seeing fans of extreme music enjoying and sharing the film around, and there was positive feedback from everyone who saw it. We had some enthusiastic press from both and Heavy Blog is Heavy, with hopefully more to come in the following weeks.

On the other side of it, the launch has also seen many more artists and bands coming on board the series – bands that I really wanted to work with, and I’m genuinely delighted that they’ll be a part of this. I’ve been talking back-and-forth with many incredibly talented people, and in some cases, filming has begun on entries that may not be complete for some time yet. It’s a great feeling to be doing it, though, especially with the artists themselves finding value in the experience.

Currently, the editing is underway for FRACTURED: TWO, and is due to launch towards the end of the first week of June. FIlming was completed last month for it, and it’ll be entering into the sound mix stage soon. It’ll be quite different in tone from the first film, but that’s the great thing about the underground scene in Ireland; you can always find something different if you look for it.

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