Last week I had the pleasure of having a quick chat with Metal Ireland regarding the film series, and what exactly it’s all about – from why I’m doing it, to what goes into the films. Here’s an extract – you can read it in full at the link below.

“So John, what’s the plan here – why have you invested so much time and energy filming the Irish underground?

A few years back, after several late-night conversations with friends who’d been involved with the music scene for decades, I figured there was ample material to put together a documentary film – FRACTURED initially started in my head as a feature.

There seemed to be a real sense of history among many members of bands and various musicians; some had played together for years, others had simply shared rehearsal spaces, or gone on tours together.

The interesting thing to me though was that there seemed to be a lot of crossover – punks playing in metal bands, metal musicians working with experimental electronics musicians, etc. So in many ways, there was this web of connectivity that you might not get in a larger scene than you’d find in Ireland.”

To read the interview in full, click here.