During the summer myself and Darragh O’Leary from Invictus Productions spoke with Invisible Oranges about the metal scene in Ireland.

Primordial, Cruachan, Darkest Era, Abaddon Incarnate, Mourning Beloveth, ZOM…some key contributors to the international metal scene hail from Ireland, but it can be tough to name more than a handful. There are plenty of underground acts to discover through some dedicated zine-ing and trading, of course. But for a place that’s had such a global impact in other genres, Ireland isn’t exactly a hotbed for metal and celebrating its bands.

The fact is, metal is a hugely under-covered genre in Ireland, a phenomenon filmmaker John Mulvaney wanted to shed some light on with his documentary series, Fractured, which focuses on underground music in general in Ireland, how the more extreme genres are purposefully ignored by the mainstream media. Mulvaney wanted to call attention to the talented and hard-working people of these different scenes, one of them being metal.”

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