For the second film in the series, I had the pleasure of working with the incredibly busy Brian Conniffe. Brian is a musician specialising in experimental electronics – drone, power electronics, dark ambient – and also in composing scores for film, such as with the experimental filmmaker, Michael Higgins. He has produced a massive body of work in terms of both collaborations and on his own, and while it all falls into electronic music, he never settles for repeating the same ideas twice, making the volume of music he has created even more impressive.

While having known Brian ‘online’, I only had a chance to meet him for the first time earlier this year, while recording a podcast for the Destroyed Human site (which sadly never aired, due to technical difficulties), and found him to be a verbose, engaging and passionate character – one who could speak eloquently about the music he creates without pretension or nonsense; which is no easy thing especially considering how impenetrable the genre he works in can be to outsiders.

Ultimately, Brian was the same throughout the filming process, he’s a musician who fully loves what he creates – especially when working with others. His lengthy list of collaborators include Patrick Kelleher, Jamie Grimes (ex Drainland/Vircolac), Suzanne Walsh and most recently, Mark Aubele under the name, Tenro. For more information on Brian, please head over to his site, or check out his music here or here.

So, here you go; I proudly present “Brian Conniffe – An Altered State”