FRACTURED: SIX is one that I consider special, simply for the fact that it exists at all. Slidhr is essentially the work of one man, Joseph Deegan, who has been involved in the Irish metal scene for over 20 years. Despite this, Slidhr does its best to shy away from the spotlight, and simply allows the music to speak for itself. As with all solo/studio bound music projects, the proposition of filming isn’t the easiest.

Luckily enough, Joseph had decided to play his first shows as Slidhr in 2015, with one of the two gigs being at the Siege of Limerick.  He was backed by key members of the Icelandic band, Sinmara (who do much more than simply act as ‘session’ musicians), who were also performing at the festival. With a very small time gap, we were able to get things lined up to allow some filming. So, here we are; Slidhr, emerging from the ash and smoke. Enjoy.