Fractured presents ‘Altered States’, a sonic journey into the bowels of extreme Irish underground music.


Mix by: Spartak Mixtapes [ ]

Artwork: “Luna” by Sarah Sheil [ ]



Brian Conniffe- The Heart Of Tiphareth
Coscradh –  Disappeared [Of Death and Delirium]
Unyielding Love – The Pregnant Hurt [The Sweat of Augury]
From The Bogs Of Aughiska – Aughiska Mor [Roots Of This Earth Within My Blood]
GOURD – Gaunt [EP]
Wreck Of The Hesperus – Erosion (Death’s White Lustre [Sediment]
MALTHUSIAN – Wraith///Plague Spore [MMXIII]
Ruairi O’Baoighill – Veil [The Faceless One]
EORÐESLAJYR – The Old Horned One [HÄXAN]
Woven Skull – Cracking of the Limbs [The Cracking of the Limbs]
Naddred – The Four Crowned Prince of Hell  [Naddred]
Abaddon Incarnate – Fear [Pessimist]
Destriers – Redeemers [Cynosure]
Zealot Cult – Karmenian Crypt [Karmenian Crypt]
Vircolac – Lascivious Cruelty [The Cursed Travails of the Demeter]
From The Bogs Of Aughiska – The Great Sea Stack at the Cliffs of Moher [From The Bogs Of Aughiska]
SOOTHSAYER – Of Locust and Moths [At This Great Depth]
Owlcrusher – Owlcrusher [Owlcrusher]
Okus – Abandon Sun [Scourge]